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New Certification Cards with micki mouse look

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"Briscobar" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:%23vucK8%(E-Mail Removed)...
> Let me start off by saying I agree...but as Death from Above alluded to,
> there's another issue here I'd like to get cleared up, especially amongst
> the MCNGP.
> How do we know that "more than 50%" of testtakers dump their way through it?
> Or more than 5%? Or screw it, 500%, if that were possible? The truth is we
> just don't know, and I doubt we'll ever have any reliable way to take even a
> remotely educated guess. Sure, we get 10, 15, whatever, morans a month in
> the NGs asking for dumps for 070-xxx, but if and when they're discouraged
> (either because of us or because they can't find them for free), how do we
> know they actually took the exam? Or took it and passed? Or were just trolls
> trying to rile us up? We don't.

Sorry I didn't have time to reply earlier, tons of work. You're absolutely
correct. Maybe I shouldn't have used that particular phrase, maybe "alot", or
"many", or even " there are clearly more br@indumpers these days than there
were a few years ago..." would have sufficed. I was basically trying to point
out that too many dumpers are making it through the ranks.

Sure, we only see a handful of morons in these NGs, but have you taken the time
to read through some of the dump forums that are out there? That's all I've
been doing for the past few weeks (I blame that on my lack of a life, right
now). I'm in there flaming MCPs for using them, and I'm trying to discourage the
n00bs from even looking at them. I've been sending SH *at least* one e-mail per
day with a list of MCPs and their e-mail addresses.

I know it isn't (comparatively) alot, but there are 1000's of morons that are
posting dumps and requesting dumps, and not only for M$, but for Cisco, Oracle,
HP, Sun, Novell, you name it. If there is an IT Cert out there, there are people
posting and looking for dumps. I know you already know this Briscobar, but the
more they post and the more they get the word out that dumps are the way to get
an easy certificate, the quicker this industry will be filled with morons...and
it's filling up pretty quickly.

I can say, in these NGs, it is pretty difficult to determine whether or not a
person is an MCP, mainly because of our (MCNGP) presence. But if you go to a
dump forum where everyone is looking for the dumps, these halfwits readily post
their e-mail addresses hoping that others will e-mail them with links to dumps,
and they will quite often say "I passed 70-### today....t3stk!ngs rules!" or
some stupid sh!t like that. It's pathetic.

> I'm not saying dumpers don't exist and aren't infesting our community,
> because they obviously are, but to what extent? I know a few MC**, and all
> but one is capable, and I wouldn't suspect of dumping (I have never bluntly
> asked any of them). For every legit MCSE, is there a dumper waiting to take
> his job? Two? For every legit MCP, how many vinays, kellymes, wonghs, and
> cobols are there? I'm quite positive the overall capability of your average
> MC** has gone down in the last few years, but is that ONLY due to dumpers
> and HR departments catching on to their insidious ways? Surely there could
> be another contributing factor, couldn't there?

I understand completely, and I agree with you 100%. Until we can get some of
these fuŠkwits stripped of their credentials, we just won't know.

Hmmm...other contributing factors? ... Sure, I know TONS of "Booksmart" people
that can read a book and recite, verbatim, any page you ask. But put them in
front of something with more than 1 moving part and they're clueless.

Or, there are people that have a seemingly short memory capacity. I'm sure
you've got cluzers that you have to tell the same thing to a dozen times over
before they *start* to understand what you're talking about.

There is also this new ADD/ADHD era that surfaced within the last 10-15 years.

But with all of those, I still say that br@indumpers are at the top of the list
of people that are devaluing this industry. Only because they are the crowd that
is blatantly disrespecting the hard work that all of the honest MCPs have put
into getting their certificates.

> I just don't think we (the MCNGP) should get all bent out of shape when the
> word "braindump" comes up in conversation, as we don't know its vastness.

True, but I don't think it should just be overlooked either.

> Yes, there are dumpers, and yes they deserve to be vilified. But I don't
> think we can attribute all of the tech world's problems to cheaters. I'd
> love it if that were the case, but there's so many reasons why
> certifications aren't what they used to be:
> 1) Of course, dumpers.
> 2) College graduates. They're at an all-time high.
> 3) Economy. Hire the guy with "potential", not the guy who's proven himself.
> He's cheaper. That's how I got my job.
> 4) Google. Well, not Google specifically, but the new corporate culture of
> free-wheeling,-hippie-open source-liberal-"don't be evil"-ness. While this
> in itself doesn't make me hate Corporate America, it does make it look less
> attractive. Oh, and hey, Microsoft is the epitomy of Corporate America.
> ...and probably a few hundred more factors that i'm oblivious to as well.
> All in all, I'm not saying that dumpers aren't responsible for the slacking
> reputation of Microsoft certs, and I'm not saying that we overreact to them,
> and I'm not saying that Removed) doesn't give them what they
> deserve. I'm just saying that that we simply don't know if THEY ALONE are
> the cause, or even the primary cause of the decline of the certs. Because,
> quite frankly, it is extremely possible to be a good book learner, get good
> grades in class, and even demonstrate skill in a classroom setting, and
> still be a total incompetent d0uchebag when it comes to the real world.
> Just sayin.

You're absolutely right, we can't attribute all the problems to cheaters, but we
can try to take them out of the equation. But then that's what MCNGP is all
about, right?

Bigus DiŠkus
MCNGP #00110011
-- - 200 proof

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"Consultant" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:eUK%23ub$(E-Mail Removed)...
> id like to just point my finger at and blame the dutch. we all know that
> is truly where the problem lies.

Frikkin A! man, it's always the bloody Dutch, crazy Dutch bastads.

Mitch "yer such a Jameshole" S.
MCNGP XLVIII (Now do the other certs REALLY matter?)
Stupidity on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

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