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Can't crack 70-291

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"FrisbeeŽ" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...

> But, please. You answer all the asked-and-asked-again questions. You
> won't be the first Don Quixote in this group. We'll see how long that
> lasts.
> Be sure to tell the dump requesters that while you don't necessarily
> condone their use, there's nothing illegal about it, so go right ahead.
> Doesn't affect anyone else.

Fris, methinks you are pi$$ing into the proverbial wind.

Mitch "yer such a Jameshole" S.
MCNGP XLVIII (Now do the other certs REALLY matter?)
Stupidity on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

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Jeroen Wijnands
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FrisbeeŽ wrote:
> <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)
> > Garth H wrote:
> >> LnkWizard wrote:
> >> > A$$fuscker.
> >> >
> >> > Please do not be spouting your communist br@indump propoganda in
> >> > here.
> >> >
> >> > In case you are truly that ignorant actualtests are br@indumps,
> >> > thereby being illegal and it will cost you your current certifications
> >> > and
> >> > any future chances at certifictation for having used them.
> >> >
> >> > ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> >> > Lnkwizard2 MCNGP 2^5
> >>
> >> Nice use of language. I'll bet that it will be very effective in
> >> dissuading him, or anyone else from using that site again.

> >
> > He always does that to anyone who admits using practice exams.

> Uh, no. He and -we- 'do' that to anyone who admits to using DUMPS. All
> practice exams are not dumps. Do you not get the distinction on that?

Actually I don't. I regularly use transcender (supplied by the training
institute that does our course and which is one of the biggies in that
business) which I consider to be rather good training material. I've
looked at VCE files from some sites. The quality of those is far below
the trancenders. On actual exams I've seen questions that appeared
almost identical in the transcenders and in the VCEs.
Yet people get flamed for saying they use VCE and not for saying
they've used transcenders.
I just don't get that.

> >> Yes, it may in fact be a brain dump based site, but do you think any
> >> site that uses brain dumps advertises that using their site / service /
> >> content will invalidate your Microsoft cert?

> >
> > I've looked and looked at the microsoft sites. I still haven't found
> > the page that states that using such material in preparing for your
> > exam invalidates your cert.

> And you won't. There are legal reasons for that. Should Microsoft decide
> to specifically warn against a particular study guide, the owners/makers of
> said guides could and would sue Microsoft, even though that's a lot like the
> burglar sueing you after breaking in your house because he injured himself
> in doing so.

Interesting theory. Sounds very improbable though. If a site hosts
stolen exam question I'd say such a site would be a very easy target
for a copyright infringement or an IP suit.

> > What I've found is this:
> >
> > MCP Practice Test Provider Program. Candidates may want to assess their
> > skills before taking an MCP exam. We _recommend_ that candidates use
> > practice test products developed only by MCP Practice Test Providers.
> > (from:
> >
> > When I look at the NDA I read it as that disclosing exam questions is
> > illegal and that cheating during the actual exam is cheating.
> >
> > Might be my interpretation but nowhere can I find that using materials
> > such as braindumps is actually a valid cause for invalidating a
> > certficiation. Now, wether or not it's wise to actually use a braindump
> > is, in my opinion, another matter entirely.

> Your opinion does seem to be shared by a few posters in here from time to
> time, and I really just don't get it. If it's wrong, it's wrong, and it's
> wrong.

Yes, well, that's your opinion and that seems to be shared by a lot of
people who know how to type lame and ass****er in all their variations.

> >> So, instead of acting like an over-caffeinated driver that just got cut
> >> off during the morning commute, take a breath and try to use a little
> >> tact.
> >>

> > What? And actually make this and other newsgroups a place were people
> > can actually discuss preparing for and passing exams? Nah, that
> > wouldn't be any fun to the "use a test exam and Bill will smithe you
> > from up high" crowd.

> Again, you generalize with "test exam." And if we were not discussing the
> morality of using cheating material, do you think the request for br@indumps
> would be less, or perhaps even gone? We'd all be discussing just legitimate
> certification issues only? Sunshine and lollipops? If you'd read more than
> a few of "our" posts, you'd see that legitimate certification-related
> questions DO get answered here, and in other cert-related newsgroups. The
> brain-dead moron who does not bother to lurk, do any research at all, and
> asks a question that has been asked and answered hundreds of times, this by
> an individual who wants to enter a profession that requires researching
> skills, deserves to be set straight.

OK, granted, I'm wrong there. Over here there is a lot of real
discussion going on.

> But, please. You answer all the asked-and-asked-again questions. You won't
> be the first Don Quixote in this group. We'll see how long that lasts.

I'm not a Don Quixote, I'm just adressing an issue I don't understand.
You and quite a few other people here seem to have a list of what is
good and bad testing preparation material. I don't see how you can make
that distinction.


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The 291 is a weed-out exam, no doubt about it. It certainly caused me
several months of teeth-gnashing before I finally passed it earlier
this month.

I used the MS Press book + video training from as my
primary training materials, and set up two 2003 Server virtual machines
in VMWare to run the hands-on material.

The book was more valuable than the video, but the video was helpful as
a supplement, especially so when it showed step-by-step instruction for
Things I Never Had Done Before.

I would not, however, rely on the video training as my sole resource;
it was not nearly detailed enough to satisfy the actual exam.

I also referred extensively to various off-line content from Microsoft
and elsewhere when Things Weren't Clicking. The 2003 Server built-in
help documents really aren't bad, surprisingly enough, and TechNet and
other free MS support offerings often are quite clear.

Finally, I ran obsessively through every exam simulation I could find.
For folks who don't often take tests, or who are poor test-takers,
simple rote practice of the actual exam FORMAT (content nearly
notwithstanding) can, I think, be a very useful prep tool.

As one earlier respondent also has noted, the 70-293 exam covers much
of the same material as the 291. I find that the MS Press title for
the 293 exam is significantly more clearly written and more thorough
than the 291. If I had it to do over, I might use the 293 book as my
primary resource (paying due attention to the actual exam objectives,
of course). As it turned out, I read the 293 cover-to-cover --- as an
afterthought, really --- on the night before the 291 exam, and I
suspect I would not have passed had I not done so.

The 70-290 (Managing the Server 2003 Server Environment) does have
material on SUS, which turns out to have become an Exam-Only Fiction
since it since has been obsoleted and replaced by Microsoft. You'll
only see it on the exam.

Terminal Services, however, is a commonplace and you'll want to know
about it. The XP exam (70-270) has some material on terminal services,
and 70-290 has more. In real-life server rooms, you will find Terminal
Services (and its cousin, Citrix Metaframe) deployed almost everywhere
these days.

Hope all that helps.

James Atkinson
MCP (finishing the MCSA tomorrow...wish me luck)
Asheville, NC

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Jon M
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Thanks for the good answer James.

I recently postponed my 70-291 exam because I'm not ready at all and feel
that I'm just not really getting the material. I'll also have a look at the
70-293 book in preparation.

Thanks again,

"(E-Mail Removed)" wrote:

> Brendan--
> The 291 is a weed-out exam, no doubt about it. It certainly caused me
> several months of teeth-gnashing before I finally passed it earlier
> this month.

<<<< Snip>>>>

> Hope all that helps.
> James Atkinson
> MCP (finishing the MCSA tomorrow...wish me luck)
> Asheville, NC

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