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Book Recommendation

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Anonymous wrote:
> All the votes aren't in yet as to whether or not the test was

updated. This
> was a question raised by a previous poster. I question the validity

of this
> claim, because this was the ONLY post that mentioned that. I plan on

> it in a couple of weeks (70-270).

People right and left are passing it post April 1st, so I wouldn't
worry too much.

> When I asked which testing center was involved, the person never

replied. I
> am not accusing this person of anything. I hope this isn't the case

> I'm a terrible test taker and read into things WAY too much. As with
> anything, you should actually know the material that you are getting
> certified in. That is a matter of personal integrity.

I'm not sure the testing center has anything to do with the content of
the test. The way I understand it, the centers download fresh-generated
tests off VUE and Prometric servers on a daily basis. You could go to
any one of them and it wouldn't make a difference.

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"Anonymous" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote
> T-Bone, you
> appear rather intelligent about Windows, etc. Why do you include

> with your posts? You would get a ton of respect if you didn't.

Vulgarity is reserved only for those who deserve it. The individual at whom
my reply was directed condones cheating on the exams and is also a spammer.
You may google on that particular phrase which I used to find more on this,
or check out the MCNGP website at


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You try to confuse! I am going to call the police, and then, you're going to
go to jail.
a*s*s*f*s*c*k*e*r* spammer.

Wayne McGlinn
Brisbane, Oz
"help, help I'm being repressed!"

<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:023401c55196$3ade0420$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Recommendation:

<snipped useless spamming crap>

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