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Roaming profile problem??

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=?Utf-8?B?VGV6?= <(E-Mail Removed)> prattled ceaslessly in
news:(E-Mail Removed):

> I just noticed the garbage at the top of your reply. Is that some sort
> of online, geeky/egghead joke that I missed thinking this was a
> genuine give help/get help sort of place? "Prattled ceaslessly in
> news:(E-Mail Removed):"
> Get a life.

It's called a newsreader and it has gained enough acceptance to have left
the geeky/egghead world and entered the mainstream. I'm surprised you
haven't heard of them. I am a geek, no question, but it isn't the insult
it once was. The "garbage" to which you refer is automatically added
when I reply to a post. It was not directed at you specifically. It is
just a little silliness. And this is genuine usenet -- it can be helpful
but it isn't for the faint of heart.

If you wish to appear cool, or at the very least, intelligent, you need
to be able to do a little research and know something of what you are
speaking before sounding off. The above post makes you appear to be a
thin skinned, childish, idiot and I'm sure that was not your goal.

I have a nice life, thank you, I don't need another. You might consider
growing up, though.

aka Pu$$y Feet
"If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man, but it would
deteriorate the cat." Mark Twain
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JaR wrote:

> So pleased you liked my little bit of fun. Tell me, are you always

> big of a loser, or are you just haveing a bad day? Did you

> the port80 reference in my comment? I doubt it, but I have been wrong

> before.

Didn't he say he was posting to a Mac website? That says loads right

(Love Panther though and Tiger looks to be cool as fookin' hell.)

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In microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcsa, blastingfonda climbed on a soapbox &

> Didn't he say he was posting to a Mac website? That says loads right
> there.

I know. Do you suppose he meant that the web portal was based on the Mac
website, or that Usenet was?


Thug 10110
Click on where inbreeding is not allowed!
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