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HELP PLS! Configuring and deploying Crystal.NET reports

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Hi all

Could someone please tell me how to configure and deploy my Crystal reports?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to be able to deploy my
reports/web pages to another domain, web server, database and have the
report connect via integrated security.

1. I have created a stored proc in my SQL Server db, created a report in my
ASP.NET project, created a reports.aspx and placed a CrystalReportViewer on
the page. This is the "pull" type of report that I've read about in the
documentation. All this works fine on my development machine. I can
navigate to the page and view the report. I am using Visual Studio.NET 2003
and the framework is 1.1.

2. I copied the reports.aspx and my website's DLL to the production server
which is on another machine with its own database and part of another
domain. When that didn't work, I saw a newsgroup item somewhere that said
Crystal comes with Visual Studio, not the framework so I stuck the Visual
Studio.NET 2003 installation CDs into the production machine and installed
just the Crystal parts of it.

3. With all my previous pages, this was not a problem because I could put
the connection string into the Web.config. Can I do this easily for reports
or do I have to turn the reports to "push" type (i.e. build up the dataset
etc and then pass it to the report when you want it displayed) first?

4. Assuming I couldn't use the web.config approach to connection, I then
tried to "Set Location" in the "Field Explorer". Unfortunately, when I
tried to replace the existing connection location with the one I want,
crystal/ immediately verified the connection. I had selected
"integrated security" so that stuffed me up. I then thought I'd try with a
username and password; I was then able to complete the "Set Location"
operation and rebuild my website.

Could someone please give me some pointers? Thank you very much.


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