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Windows 7-64

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Well, at first glance I would have to say Microsoft has finally done it:
they have created an OS that is actually worse than Vista.
On installation Win 7 sees only two of three SATA drives plugged into my
motherboard: this is a mainstream Intel motherboard/BIOS.
Win7 does not list the CD/DVD drives under "computer" unless there is a disc
in the drive (this cannot be by design).
Worst of all, Win 7 is NOT compatible with a large number of common Vista
hardware drivers although Microsoft is publicizing it as being so and this
is unforgiveable and renders the Win7 beta as useless as a Linux distro.
On the plus side Win 7 accesses those hard drives it manages to recognize
faster than Vista, the UAC is far less obnoxious (although equally useless)
as its Vista counterpart and the sidebar is gone.
I cannot believe Microsoft expects to sell this thing at the price of a new
OS when it is clearly Vista SP3. Microsoft just does not get that to users
the OS is just a front end and not an end in itself.

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