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laptop computer in check-in baggage

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"Mike Easter" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news(E-Mail Removed) m...
> The hook wrote:
>> hook:
>> Scott of the Antarctic apparently died not from the cold but from
>> starvation - the solder on the tins decomposed because of the cold
>> rendering the food inedible.

> That isn't my understanding of the death of Scott and his companions and
> the significance of 'tin plague' in the Antarctic.
> The way I understand it...
> Scott and his men ran out of fuel and food on the return trip from their
> belated arrival at the pole for a lot of different logistics reasons --
> but it wasn't because of the tin solder for food tins.
> The tin solder that was the problem for them was that of the fuel oil
> containers, which seams were made with a lead free solder and Scott et al
> couldn't figure out why the fuel oil/ kerosene/ was 'disappearing' from
> the containers.
> They made a lot of bad logistics judgments for that trip, but I don't know
> about any inedible food -- but I do know about a big problem which
> resulted from tin failure which research later came to refer to as 'tin
> plague' -- which isn't a 'plague' at all, but a disintegration of white
> tin.
> <snip> Tin Plague in History - The failure of Captain Robert Scott's
> Antarctic expedition was partially caused by the lack of fuel. Supposedly,
> his kerosene cans had been soldered together with pure tin rather than
> tin-lead solder. The seams failed, and the kerosene leaked into the
> now. - Conclusion - Lead-free solders have a vulnerability to tin
> plague - the disintegration of solid tin into powder after prolonged
> exposure to temperatures below 13 C (56 F). Alloying tin with at least
> 5% lead or 0.5% or more of antimony or bismuth are effective ways to
> prevent tin plague. </snip>
> <snip> Tin Plague: - Definition: "The disintegration of pure tin into
> powder at very low temperatures as it loses its crystalline structure" -
> Source: The Pewter Society. </snip>
> --
> Mike Easter

he should have used the plastic containers you get to put petrol in at

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Fulio Open wrote:
> I will travel by air with a laptop computer, and for some reason
> prefer to put it inside the check-in baggage. The airlines doesn't
> care, but says it is not responsible for any problem.
> I know the check-in bag will experience freezing temperature in the
> baggage cabin. The flight time will be more than 10hours. I like to
> know whether or not there is risk for the computerto be damaged by the
> freeze.
> Thanks for your information and expertise on this matter.

As a frequent flier over the years, I have never trusted my laptop to the
lugguage apes that others refer to. I have had several suitcases, holdalls,
etc. meet me at the carousel in a different form to which I last saw it.

I always take the laptop with me.

Post the 9/11 scares, (and others), I have been asked on occasions to take
my laptop to the plane where it has been placed on the ground with others to
be put separately into the hold. On landing, they have been taken off the
plane and collected by their owners directly from the plane.

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