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MCSE 70-215 training kit problem

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So I've actually read the entire 900 + pages of the
microsoft published training book for windows 2000 server.
The other day I was able to locate 2 machines for $109 a
piece that met the requirements (more so by a good margin)
to to the exercises. The first server build goes just
fine. After about 20 minutes I am booted up and sitting at
a windows 2000 server. Nice and simple.

However the second practical lesson has you use that server
to build a distro directory for an unattended install of
the second.

Problem: I get all the way through the wizard to the point
where it is suppose to copy the files from the cd to the
distro directory.

Error: "Unable to locate path \\server01\dist"

Info: 1. The share exists
2. if you "find" the computer it finds "server01"
3. It sees shares on server01
4. you can open the printer share and scheduled task
5. you get "unable to locate path" when trying to
open dist share or another test share created
6. "Everyone" group has full control Share Level and
NTFS level of the shares.
7. I tried this both with the Training versioon of
server that came with the book then also rebuilt
the machine with an actual win2k server cd I own.

after 80 attempts yesterday, and over 9 hours of trouble
shooting I'm at wits end. I suspect I am missing something
obvious, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what.

Anyone have thoughts?
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