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Re: Binary to ASCII formula?

Dean Marcus
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No replies, OT I guess or just a BS topic?

"Dean Marcus" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:WR41b.7840$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi, Ive got the table that shows Binary and how it converts to ACSII.
> Ive figured a formula out to convert them, rather than memorising them.

> me explain.
> This is what I have so far....
> -A symbol number (1-9) will start in binary as 0011****
> -Symbol Uppercase will start 0100*** and would be 0101*** if the letter is

> or over.
> -Symbol lowercase would be 0110*** or again 0111**** if p or over
> *So for say the Symbol "9" , according to my formula would be 0011(1001)

> 1001 is the the bracketed nibble adds upto 9(8+0+0+1). So 00111001=the
> symbol of 9.
> *For the symbol of G would be 0100(0111) as G is the 7th letter of the
> alphabet and 7 equals 0111. So 01000111 = G
> *Now with anything P or p and over the 5th digit in the binary code

> a 1 and must be taken into account, so 011(10100) the bracketed adds upto

> (p's relation to the alphabet). Hence 01110100 = p
> My study guide didnt stat how to work this out, just a table with them
> listed. Am i to be expected to memorise all that? Also with the Decimal
> data too. It tells you how to extract decimal from binary, but not ACSII.
> So im asking, would this formula work, should it have been explained or am

> expected to know just by looking at the table?

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Dean Marcus
Posts: n/a
Oh well it was "fun" cracking how to work it out, guess im a sado!
"Marko" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:020401c36a9a$6a6f1b00$(E-Mail Removed)...
> >-----Original Message-----
> >No replies, OT I guess or just a BS topic?
> >

> I saw this when you first posted it. I didn't see how I
> could post anything worthwhile to add to your comments and
> pretty much still feel the same way.
> Apart from your own amusement, I think it *is* a waste of
> time - unfortunate as that may be. I haven't been in an
> exam where it was necessary to even have an overview of
> this, let alone be able to convert with nothing to go on
> but your own memory of how it works.
> A long time ago, I learnt how to make large binary numbers
> in my head and add and subtract them, even multiply and
> divide (which is hard). Great party trick, but pretty
> worthless all the same.
> Sad, isn't it?

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