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Re: MCP cheaters

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Give 'em h*ll Diana!

>-----Original Message-----
>I might go along with you here Chris. But still I

believe it is a direct
>violation of the agreement we sign before every MS exam!

I can see MAYBE
>using a scenario from one of these sites to test and run

on your test
>network, but I just do not think it is right to be at

thye braindump site to
>begin with!
>Because, how many people can look at the site and

think "wow here are the
>questions and answers" without just memorizing? You know

the constant
>story: I do not have time to study or learn or

pay .............
>I have been unemployed for over a year, no money (lot

more study time) and
>managed to keep going w/out cheating. If I can then

everyone should!
>"chris kirk" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>news:029a01c35a28$0c11f140$(E-Mail Removed)...
>> I suppose it depends on what you are using your study
>> materials for. if you are using braindumps to simply
>> memorize the test questions and answers..... then it is
>> wrong and a violation of the MCP policy. but if you are
>> utilizing study guides to aim your studying to improve
>> your weak areas (assuming you know the material of

>> then it would be ok. you need to really know your
>> material to consider yourself a true MCP ( or MCSA, MCSE
>> whatever your poison )
>> Chris Kirk
>> >-----Original Message-----
>> >hi all , i just want to get something straight, i know
>> >there is alot of people who are moaning about certain
>> >ways in which people study to take mcp exams, ie
>> >braindumps, is this a bad thing as not everyone is in a
>> >ideal position to spend a lot of their time studying or
>> >able to afford a long periods to study at college etc.

>> >just think that if you do use braindumps and various
>> >other paperwork then once you pass/fail the exams then
>> >its in their best interests to then study hard or they
>> >will fall flat on their faces once they are tested on
>> >interviews etc. Do any others agree with me??
>> >.
>> >


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