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Re: Is MCSA a possibility with my current knowledge?

Tom Miller
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There are 2 issues. 1) Can you pass the tests without using the product at
all? No. You either need the product your testing on, or a very, very good
simulation to practice on. Even a 2 node LAN with a W2K server and a
W2k-pro workstation (use a cross-over cable) will allow you to practice all
the stuff you need to practice.
2) Should you take a real exam without taking any practice exams? No, a
good practice exam is both cheaper than the real one, and it will point out
to you that your not ready, if your not ready.
"Ben Cates" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed) om...
> I am VERY interested in obtaining my MCSA certification, but am a
> little confused as to whether I have enough skills to even begin
> self-training. I have never worked in the IT industry, although I am
> very adept with computers, having learned everything I know now
> through self-experience. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 knowing Windows XP
> through and through, I would say I'm honestly about a 7. I thoroughly
> enjoy working with computers and find that there has really been
> nothing I haven't been able to figure out rather quickly through trial
> and error, be it some new software I have to figure out like MSaccess
> or setting up a firewall at my home computer.
> But what scares me is that most of the posts I read in this newsgroup
> are from people currently working in the IT business, who are saying
> how hard some of the exams are. I'd be fully committed to studying
> and practicing on a home network of about 3 computers, and I basically
> just want to know if MCSA is possible with my current level of
> experience. There are many private schools here in Winnipeg that tout
> MCSA certification to complete beginners, and surely if this is the
> case I'd be able to teach myself fairly easily. What do you guys
> think? Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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