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Re: I find it amusing...

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Actually I think everyone is different, it depends how much time a week you
can allocate to study. Some people can afford a couple of days a week, some
a couple of hours. Also, there are those that are very good practically, but
when it comes to remembering the theory they go to pieces. Just like some
people do in exams, they just lose the plot. And as for what to study, thats
quite obvious - the objectives listed by microsoft for that particular
"Ian" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:033a01c33eb1$464275c0$(E-Mail Removed)...
> You have your point but you can't say there are nobody
> have had experience to complete their study in 8 to 10
> weeks. If someone has hands-on experience, I think it
> could be or may be less than 4 weeks. It is not necessary
> to do practice papers. You can read a Sybex book by 2
> months or you may study Cramsession notes by 2 weeks.
> >-----Original Message-----
> >I really find it amusing how people say it takes 8-10wks

> to study for a test
> >or to do this and that and to tell people to know what to

> study for based on
> >their exam experience. Each person's test is derived

> from hundreds of
> >questions, one person for the 218 says to know DNS WINS &

> DHCP, well I have
> >news for you, I had 15 f'n questions on printing, and 20

> more dealing with
> >GPO and NTFS permissions, I didn't have sh*ton this, so

> your *help* that you
> >are giving someone is completely misleading just because

> of the questions
> >you were dealt.
> >
> >Most people dislike MS and the people that use braindumps

> I think psychology
> >are thinking that they are sticking it to the fortress

> because they have
> >found possible ways to gain an advantage over M$, but

> really, just read the
> >damn book and understand what the hell you are reading.

> I have passed all
> >of my tests without doing any lab setup, I take 4-5 days

> read the book take
> >a couple of notes of the important stuff and go and take

> the test and pass
> >just fine. I use a little from my real world experience

> the last 3 yrs of
> >working on MS products. But it doesn't take 8-10 weeks

> or the 3 months that
> >some people claim it takes to study for these tests.
> >
> >I'm sure there will be some backlash, but really, some of

> you post the most
> >assinine questions, and help that I have ever seen, and

> some of you are the
> >ones saturating the job market for people that know what

> the hell they are
> >doing.
> >
> >- peace.
> >
> >
> >.
> >

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