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70-272 test

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FrisbeeŽ piffled away vaguely:

> You're a super-taster like me. This may be a silly question, but have you
> tried adding creamer to your coffee? Coffee tastes unbearably bitter to a
> super-taster, even really good coffee, but the cream takes most of the
> bitterness away.
> By any chance do you also not like the taste of alcohol?

I've tried coffee with cream, yes and it does taste better. Tastes
great with massive amounts of chocolate and creamer. I still like hot
chocolate better. It doesn't taste extremely bitter to me, just not
like it smells.

Depends on the alcohol but I don't like hard liquors straight if that's
what you are asking. I like the taste fine with a mixer (vodka tonic,
rum & coke) and I like sweet wines over dry (Gewerztramer, Chenin

I don't drink really anymore for various reasons. I don't have a good
chemical reaction to it -- it makes me feel like crap right away. In
addition, I'm diabetic and some of my meds don't agree with it either.


"I have a gun. It's loaded. Shut up."

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