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back to basics?

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Most of the people joining this ng seems to be looking for an understanding
of the in-depth levels of the exams, including me.

Why is this happening?

Microsoft lists the material containing all the informations and knowledge
needed to obtain this certificate

Self-paced course books
and courses (2261/2)

I tend to trust Microsoft so there should be not confusion, when you are
confident with these materials you should be well prepared for the exams.

The problem is that when you do those preparation tests like 'Self test'
then you find things that are not covered in the Microsoft official
material. (Not to mention the Measureup....which is...well...'very'
difficult', compared with the MS study material, 'very'.)

I am confused, I joined this ng to try to understand, but I am still

I would not ask for which questions are in the exam ) I'd like to know
exactly what "the program" is.

For example, the vpn connection staff, it seems to be a hot topic according
to some of those who took the exam, but is not even mentioned in the self
paced book (I have been told that the 2261 course does not contain topics
not covered in the self paced book).

I think it would be just fair to know what you need to know.

Studying with the given and suggested material for an exam and finding other
topics on the actual exam.... it's not funny. Not at all.

I suppose that this confusion and uncertainty is the reason why this ng
I'd say that I am not much concerned about how much difficult the exam is,
or to know the questions, or to find a way to cheat somehow or to get
illicit advantages.
I would like to know, possibly clearly, what kind of knowledge is requested
and all the topics covered.

I think it should be fair enough.

I am studying, studyng..studyng...and I am never confident (I am unemployed
and I don't want to waste 200 bucks) I want to put myself in condition to
pass the exam, but I am never confident...

I do the Self test... and I do well but...still...some topics are not
covered in MS material

I do the Measure up...and I get really's out of this world.

I think that if someone could give an explanation to these questions then he
would have reached the purposes of this entire ng and its existence.


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This is in reply to the worried mail of you .
First , in order to get the certification , pl. follow the given steps.
1) Just go through the book and try to understand the basics ( But That
is not enough . Pl. get valuable info from some technical sites like
Tech Net etc..)

2) Pl. do the practices given in the Self-Paced Kit.

3) Then practice for the test with the CD given with the MS-Press Kit .
Start your practice with "STUDY MODE"
because the study modes gives the explanation of why your answer is
correct or wrong.

4)Try to understand the given situation and also select the answer
which is cost effective and user-friendly trouble shooting with short
steps. (i.e. Try not to confuse the end-user with lot of instructions
and commands)

5)Update your knowledge frequently without any hesitation.

Don't expect situations and questions as given the Self-Paced Kit. They
are only for sample. Also the questions in self-paced kit will be
easier and they'll be only from the topics given in the book. So , try
the problems with self-confidence which you get from Measure-Up and
other brain-dumps sites etc.,

Don't waste your money , getting the questions. U may search for
samples given in various sites and try to understand the answers and
explanations. That will do.

Don't get depressed by seeing your test results. Better, try with
confidence and cheer. My best wishes for your certification


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