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.NET Parameter Direction affects datatype casting

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We have a stored procedure for inserting data into a
table and another for Updating that table.

For the Insert SP we use a LastModifiedDateTime output
parameter and for the Update SP we use the InputOutput
parameter direction.

When we execute the query the following line works for
the Insert:
_lastModifiedDateTime = (DateTime)cmdToExecute.Parameter* Removed)e;

But for the execution for the Update we need to use:
_lastModifiedDateTime = (sqlDatetime)cmdToExecute.Parame*
(E-Mail Removed)e;

When checking the datavalue we have noticed that if we
use input or inputoutput as the parameter direction it
returns sqlDateTime as the datatye but when we use the
Ouput parameter direction it returns DateTime as the

The lines we use are:
cmdToExecute.Parameters.Add(new * SqlParameter
("@daLastModifiedDat* eTime", SqlDbType.DateTime, 8,
ParameterDirection.InputOutput, * true, 23, 3, "",
DataRowVersion.Proposed, _lastModifiedDateTime));

cmdToExecute.Parameters.Add(new * SqlParameter
("@daLastModifiedDat* eTime", SqlDbType.DateTime, 8,
ParameterDirection.Output, true, 23, 3, "",
DataRowVersion.Proposed, _lastModifiedDateTime));

Is this the correct behaviour?
Is there something I am missing from
cmdToExecute.Parameters statments?
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