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Seeking for next certification

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I have passed Microsoft Peofessional 2000 and ambisious to
do further certiications. Can I do the MCDST on this
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MCDST is for the Windows xp environment. go to
for information about the MCDST cert. If you have already
passed an mcp exam. Sounds like from your post you took
test 70-210 I would recommend going to and researching which
certs you are most interested in because taking getting
all kinds of certs may help your resume I would focus on
which certs appeal to you.... If you need assistance on
which cert means what. First Research it. Then come back
and ask your questions but FIRST do a bit of research....
I like it when people jump in the newsgroup asking
questions like this and want to be Certified but arent
willing to search a bit be4 asking questions. Makes me
think that when they get into the "Real World" all they
are going to do is join a forum and ask questions and not
try to find answers to questions on their own. What
happens when they have a DC go down and need to resolve
the issue fast... Will you be able to find the answer
quickly or will you have to wait until someone posts a
reply to your problem....
Oh Well Sorry for the long complaining post, Guess you
could say I got up on the wrong side of the certification
>-----Original Message-----
>I have passed Microsoft Peofessional 2000 and ambisious

>do further certiications. Can I do the MCDST on this

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