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Confusing Test Questions

Simon Hart
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Below is a question which I am testing myself on due to my 70-316 exam
booked next week.

The thing with some of these questions is, there are sometimes two anwsers.

Take the following, the anwser is B, but I would have said A. The reason,
even if you have currently loaded a form and selected a menuitem which sets
the CurrentUICulture property to the new culture, this alone would not
render the user interface in the new culture. You have have to repopulate
all controls again. This detail is not in the answer.

In addition, not using assembly resource files - in other words allowing
VS.NET to handle localizing the form by means of creating separate resx
files for each culture makes the whole development process simpler.

So choosing B might in this case not be the right choice.


You are using satellite assemblies to hold localization
resource for the user interface of your application.
The application's main form includes a
menu that lets users select English, French,
Spanish, or German as the user interface language.
When the user makes a selection, your
code creates an appropriate CultureInfo object
and assigns it to the Thread.CurrentThread.
CurrentUICulture property.

Users report that the user interface does not
change languages when they make a selection
from the menu. What can you do to fix this bug?

A. Instruct the users to close and reopen the
application after making a selection.

B. Switch to assembly resource files to hold the
resources. Use a ResourceManager object to
extract the resources whenever they're needed.

C. Verify that your code contains the correct
namespace name for your application in the
class that selects the resources to use.

D. Spawn a second copy of the main form, this
one with the correct user interface language.

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