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can u elaborate Mohammed?
>-----Original Message-----
>the biggest problem of the iframe is printing
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>>Hi guys,
>>I attended an interview yesterday and he asked me what

>>the problems in using Iframes in a web application.
>>Never heard of that. Does anyone has the answer?


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> can u elaborate Mohammed?
> > -----Original Message-----
> > the biggest problem of the iframe is printing

iFrames are normally used to hold scrolling content. That content won't
print if it's not currently displayed - the part that scrolled off the
screen won't show on the printout.

iFrames are like independent windows inside a browser. They are very
cool for some things, but you'll have a lot of ongoing maintenance
problems with them. For example, they are mostly used in new versions
of IE. You'll have trouble using them with older browsers, or Netscape,
Opera, etc.

Do a Google search for iframes problems.
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