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Re: Architecture -- HELP!

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in this case for .net server
256 MB minimum but 512 MB moderate
1 processor minimum but dual or more moderate
go for SCSI in case real server responding to user.


"Kenny" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:008301c3ac6d$db34cff0$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi guys, I need your opinions and suggestions
> this is the scenario:
> 40 or more clients distributed along the city (those are
> like Kiosks), each one is collecting information in a DB
> locally (MSAccess xx) , and each one has to update a
> central statistics DB (SqlServer7 or 2000) located in a
> Server Remotely every 5 or 10 minutes, using a wireless
> net to access the internet at 56kb (The package to send is
> going to be 4Kb max per trip), this in not an online-
> fulltime connection, the access to the net is only made
> when it is necessary to update the statistics server (via
> modem), also it is not VPN.
> Requirements:
> The App on the clients have to be as light as possible
> cause the machines are not powerful, those clients
> machines are only to collect data locally and then send it
> to the server.
> My solution so far:
> * Client App: VB6 - MSAccess Or VB.NET - MSAccess (It
> Depends on the hardware .Net requirement)
> * For communication: VB6 - Interop - Web Service -
> SQLserver Or VB.NET - WebService - SQLServer.
> * On the server: A Web Service(s) updating the
> Statistics DB
> My questions:
> * What are the minimum Requirements (Mhz ,Ram ,SO) for a
> client machine running a .Net App?
> * Am I on the right way or am I totally wrong, How would
> you make it?
> Any Idea will be appreciated
> Thanks,
> Kenny

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