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Distutils, bdist_XXX, rpmbuild issues

Gerry Reno
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I've been trying to use the "built distribution" distutils commands such
as bdist_rpm to create distro-specific packages for python applications
but I'm running into some thorny issues specifically with pre-release
versioning of source distributions and built distributions and how to
get a "final" release to update these pre-release distributions.

For example:

We have an application, foo-5.0.0, and we want to put out some
pre-release candidates for testing, so we set the version to "5.0.0_rc1"

We create the source distribution with:
$ python sdist
which creates a source archive, foo-5.0.0_rc1.tar.gz.

We extract this archive and 'cd' into the foo-5.0.0_rc1 directory and
create a built distribution with:
$ python bdist_rpm
which creates source and binary RPMS in the form:

So we think everything is fine. Everyone installs and tests using the
pre-release candidate and subsequent candidates but when you eventually
get to the final release, foo-5.0.0, and build your final release RPMS,
foo-5.0.0-1.noarch.rpm, you find that it will not update your last
pre-release candidate RPM, foo-5.0.0_rcX-1.noarch.rpm because it is not
"rpm newer".

So I've been working on this for a while but have not found a good way
to do this by setting options in a setup.cfg file. It seems like for
RPM purposes we have to keep the version to "5.0.0" and set "release" to
"0_rcX" for the pre-release candidates and this will work for RPM
purposes but then "sdist" does not generate the correct tarball names
for each pre-release candidate. It always generates foo-5.0.0.tar.gz.

Has anyone managed to solve this issue or is distutils in need of some
enhancement. We need the "sdist" command to generate distinct
pre-release candidate tarball names. And we need the "bdist_XXX"
commands to generate distro-specific package naming such that the
pre-release candidate packages can be updated by the final release package.


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