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Re: SeaMonkey??

Jim S
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On Thu, 08 Jan 2009 00:45:47 GMT, Crash wrote:

> In <gi7bro$ru8$(E-Mail Removed)>
> On Mon, 15 Dec 2008, Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo said about:
> Re: New install: - Firefox won't import Netscape 7.2 bookmarks
>> Crash wrote:
>>> On Mon, 15 Dec 2008, gnu / linux said
>>>> On Dec 15, 12:50 = A 0 pm, (Crash) wrote:
>>>>> Firefox won't import Netscape 7.2 bookmarks.
>>>>> This kinda leaves me dead in the water.

> ..............big snip
>>> 1 2 3 4 5
>>> Did this article solve a problem you had with Firefox?
>>> ====================
>>> It mindlessly slapped my "work of art" onto the
>>> existing Bookmarks like a coyote's carcass on
>>> a barb wire fence.
>>> If I had it to again, I'd export Ff's then delete
>>> it all first. Debone that puppy, like a Sunday newspaper.
>>> It's too bad Moz had to make Firefox look
>>> like a cheap toy with what they chose to load
>>> into bookmarks. Britney, Paris, and unapologetic
>>> mindless plastic consumerism. Just like MS, it's the
>>> web for lamers. I doubt attempting to out-MS MS
>>> and AOL is a real bright strategy.
>>> When I clicked on one Ff bookmark promising me a tutorial,
>>> I thought I'd landed inside a People Magazine.
>>> How cool is that. Way on-topic.
>>> I started deleting the buttons on personal toolbar
>>> as fast as I could, then I figured I'd better save
>>> a couple as a template. So Ff still has a plastic
>>> oder to match the shiny green plastic Back button,
>>> and I'll put it on hold till after the holidays.
>>> (I sure hope that button can be replaced!)
>>> I got to thinking about the look and feel
>>> of Netscape 7. A cross between a John Deere
>>> and a Farrari. No plastic. All machine.
>>> A 1953 Jaguar XK120 comes to mind.

>> if you liked the look and feel of Netscape 7, then
>> maybe you should have looked at SeaMonkey. It picks up
>> where Netscape 7.x left off:

> My worry is that it's kinda isolated,
> supportwise.
> I had good luck with Netscape Compact.
> It seemed and acted lean and mean.
> But when I was forced to "upgrade," I found
> no reasuring way to continue that tradition.
> if one had to be "in the know" to
> find a reliable source to do even that.
> So I worry about future support issues.
> I am not so loyal as to continue? with
> Seamonkey just for look-and-feel or
> nostalgic reasons, I have work to do. So;
> Briefly, how has Seamonkey been upgraded
> from Netscape 7.x?
> How does Seamonkey compare to Firefox?

I would like to use it, but in the last/current version adding the crucial
(to me) add-ons is a nightmare.
The latest alpha is much better at that, but SM lags so far behind FF and
Tbird that you really have to have the patience of a saint to stick with
it. I have so far, but it's wearing very thin.
The only useful help is from Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo who lives in
It feels like it's produced by hippy graduates who cannot leave the past
Perhaps that's why I keep trying.
Jim S
Tyneside UK
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