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help on Cisco 4948 switch's managment port config

wookie wookie is offline
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I configurated the cisco 4948 management port with the following setting. Let assume the IP is real IP.

interface FastEthernet1
ip vrf forwarding mgmtVrf
ip address
speed auto
duplex auto

ip route vrf mgmtVrf
ip http server

ip default-gateway

From All network outside the switch, I can telnet into the switch but no luck with http access. From the switch, I can do
ping vrf mgmtVrf 192.168.x.y
traceroute vrf mgmtVrf 192.168.x.y
but not anything else like
copy tftp:// bootflash:

I think this has something do with the vrf stuff? Any suggestions since I am not familiar with the vrf? I need to get this work so that I can upgrade the IOS remotely.
Thanks in advance.
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owczi owczi is offline
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Hi Wookie,

You can use ftp, tftp, snmp, syslog and so on with your management interface, all you need to do is configure your mgmt ethernet interface as source for the protocols you need:

ip ftp source-interface fa1
ip tftp source-interface fa1


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Rollodu Rollodu is offline
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How did you configured the interface FastEthernet1?
Sounds silly but on my 4948 can't go on interface configuration mode on that interface.
Thank you
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