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Gridviews and XML scenario

Savvoulidis Iordanis
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I'm creating a DB where I have a lot of 'operator_users' that each one
belongs to one of a few of my 'admin_users'. Each 'operator_user' sees only
the records created by his 'admin_user' (~1000 records/admin/day). These
records are for reference (readonly) purposes. Operator_users just select
from them and insert other records elsewhere in the DB.

The scenario for my webpages follows:
If each Admin_user creates a XML file out of his records so his
operator_users's gridviews are filled, then I believe I'd have a performance
benefit. No DB is hit for getting the reference data. But there are a lot of
operator_users. They keep loading the XML file in each page_load (they do

If the admin_user(s) wants to update the XML file (that is, create it again
each time something changes in the DB), won't i get issues with file locking
in the server, when an operator_users read the file at the same time the
admin_user recreates it?
Also, caching the XML file is not wanted. The updated data in the XML file
are needed immediately after changed.

Do you think I should follow this scenario, or just stick on the DB for
everything I want to do and not use XML file as a datasource at all?

If the answer is to go for the XML file as a datasource, could the
admin_user just load it inside a gridview, change it in the page and write it
back to disk? Or the file should be recreated based on DB table data ? So
far, I have a table with the same structure as the XML file I want to create.
What I mean is, should I keep that table, or the XML file is enough for
reading and then writing to it by the admin_user?

I hope I haven't got you tired...

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