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Re: Are deleted pictures REALLY deleted?

Bucky Breeder
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"WeReo_ScoTTy" <(E-Mail Removed)> says in
news:Nyr6l.37956$(E-Mail Removed):

> There are some pictures and other stuff I send to the
> recycle bin. You know, clean up the disc, defrag, awl that.
> I'm wondering if those items really do get deleted, are they
> retrievable or do they just lurk inside my harddrive forever?

If you could have a look at how data is stored on a hard drive, it
might be sort of scary and sort of magical and sort of wonderous;
all at once... It's actually just little piles of magnetic dust
neatly yet randomly scattered here and there - but at least one of
those irregular little ant-hill piles is a directory which points
to all the little bits in all the little piles which when put
together makes a "file". Once you "delete the file" to or from
the Recycle Bin, the process begins. Once the file is "deleted"
from the Recycle Bin, the directory to the file is gone from the
standard user interface, and there's not a standard interface
access path to it anymore; however, at that point the file can
still be recovered - by peeples who have genetically replaced
their penises with obsessively nosey predispositions.

The more you move data around; by defragging, by adding more data
files, by moving files from drive to drive or from partition to
partition, the more those little piles of magnetic dust get altered
from their pointy little tips to their sometimes rather wide bases...
But, even a complete reformat will not necessarily completly destroy
all previous data - it merely gets magnetic dust piles ready to
accept new incoming data.

At some point the remnants of files will be forever replaced with
some new data and new directories. A good way to speed this up is
to regularly use a good commercial 3rd party cleaner like Window Washer...
It targets the files with their directories and gives you options for
rewriting benign data over the files you wish to erase thus increasing
the chances that it would not be financially viable to attempt to
recover suspected erased files. An analogy might be that if you've
ever bled, your DNA has leeched into the planet's water supply and
exists somewhere in the environmental chain... but how many oceans
would have to examined molecule by molecule in order to establish - or
disprove - that as a fact?

There are some freeware offerings; try < news:alt.comp.freeware >,
those folks will likely discuss some options with you... perhaps
use an alternate identity so your stalkers don't be following you
and try to report you to the SPCA-CSI innernetz-crimez unitz for
the huge rewards and personal profit points or all-expense-paid
vacations to the doughnut shoppe for free coffee and pastries
with their government paycheck handlers.



I am Bucky Breeder, (*(^; , and YOU... are NOT.

Repent - the end is near! So... smoke'em if you got'em.
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