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Re: SPA3102 Locked up and no reset button??????????

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Anti-Spam wrote:

> I did read on a forum somewhere, that there is a software based repair
> tool for fixing this problem, but looks like it is a "in-house" bit of
> kit which is not generally available.
> Can anybody please help me, I chose this model as it does everything I
> want.

If I had to guess, I'd say that there's probably a JTAG header on the
circuit board. You might be able reflash it through that. I can't really
find anything about JTAG on the 3102 on Google so you might be breaking new
ground here

Bear in mind that wiki page is about Linksys embedded routers not voice
stuff, so it may not apply. Can't believe they're too cheap to put a reset
switch on it!

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