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Computer Freezes Randomly

Alien x Alien x is offline
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Hello users.

I have a problem that is making me go crazy
i can be surfing the web, playing games, or even chatting with friends
on IM, and sometimes my PC will randomly freeze out of the blue
and if i push my processors to a higher limit, i get blue screen of death.
I was wondering if anyone here can help me, i am really stumped.

I could be watching a video or something and everything just locks up
100% no regaining it back, no CTRL alt del, or anything.
so i have to reset the PC.

I have

Intel core 2 quad q6600 2.57GHz
2gb ram ocZ ddr2 SLI
NVIDIA GeForce 8400 512MB GS
2x 150 GB western digital
Biostar G31-M7 motherboard
Antec 500 Watt PSU
4 80mm 3 speed fans
Windows XP SP3
Other HD has Windows Vista Ult 64

Please help, thanks - Todd
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technoplume technoplume is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
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Hi Todd, I have seen this problem in 3 different style. 1st one was an IDE cable that for some reason became defective over time. 2nd, it was my vid card heat sink that became loose and did'nt touch the whole core. I had to reaply some thermal grease and fix the heatsink back in to place. And last Bad RAM. Unfortunately every time I had bad RAM the MOBO also got damage so I had to chage both. I hope this will not be the case for u. I would also check the CPU for overheat like the vid card, cleaning it and putting new thermal grease on it. Don't put to much cause the grease can become your worse enemy.
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Todd, also defrag your disk drive. You may have too many files that are fragmented which will slow you down.
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