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Darrin Darrin is offline
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Can anyone tell me how to find the IP address of someone that is getting into my machine? They haven't been malicious yet, but I don't want to wait around for it.

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marshal marshal is offline
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IP address of someone??????i am confused will you please explain me clearly.
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technoplume technoplume is offline
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There is a lot of free program to do this, still u need to know who is connected to u. If u google "IP Finder" or similar u can find many program that might do what u need. But the best way is to prevent him from hacking u. If your connection is behind a router he will have a harder time getting in, adding a firewall like Comodo will further prevent intrusion. Turning off some services like windows messenger will again increase the difficulty and having the latest microsoft update. From that point on, the most likely way he could get in your computer would be if u invite him. Like a plishing website, were u click on something and give information about u or your pc. So try to not give him this edge, cut contact whit him.

Also keep in mind that if u can get his ip and prove he hack your PC, u will probably be able to some LAW action. A bad hacker will use IP hidding program and proxy to hid his identity. So like I said the best way is to protect your self correctly.
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