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Re: Canvas prints

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Square Peg wrote:
> I read a few comments in the archives about canvas prints. I had never
> heard of this. I see that there are quite a few online vendors, but I
> kinda wanted to see what it looks like before ordering one.
> I saw that Kinkos offers canvas prints, so I stopped by the local
> store. They had a demo set up. It was about 16 x 20. I'm not sure what
> I was expecting, but it wasn't something I'd spend $80 for.
> Does anyone know how the quality of what Kinkos produces compares with
> other places? The idea intrigues me, but I'd like to get something of
> quality.
> Any suggestions for places that do good work?
> Also, I want something much smaller -- 8 x 10 or even 5 x 8. Is canvas
> printing something that really only works in much larger sizes? The
> ads for many of the online sites indicate it is used for showing in
> galleries.
> I would appreciate any insight or suggestions.

You can buy sheets of 8x10 canvas with paper backing for
printing in most computer printers. The quality of the
print will be about what you get at Kinko, if they use
ink-jet printers. But it won't have the texture of an oil

I've had good results printing photos on water-color paper.
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