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Checksum calculator

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i am trying to design a circuit that reads a 6 digit bcd signal and calculates a 4 bit checksum value and then adds that to the end of the data.

then at the recieve side takes the data calculates the checksum and compares it to the checksum sent with the data.

can anybody help me? i am really struggling with this.


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technoplume technoplume is offline
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I havent program for a will ^^ check this site

Also I think u can do this whit a mask. The way I would to this would be to transform the 6 digit in binary if there not already then make and HEX value. If I assume you 6 digit are binary 0 and 1, I would had 2 zero or 11 at the end making 2 pair of 4 binary. Those can be transform in HEX very easy then add them to make the check sum in hex. U could then transmit the information in ASCII caracter in your network retrived the last letter or 2 last and use the reverse fonction to check the 2 first letter. Now if 1 bit got corrupted, the ASCII caracter will change. Also u can print the ASCII to trouble shoot problem and compare input output. Now if your digit are in fact number on a logic circuit it's the same process cause each digit has an hex equivalent. U just have to know if u need 1,2or4 hex for each digit. I hope this help.

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