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ENV VAR addresses

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Richard Heathfield wrote:
> It would be astoundingly unwise to attempt to start a discussion
> about religion in comp.lang.c - even if the religion in question is
> C itself. It can be extraordinarily difficult to communicate even
> the simplest and least controversial C ideas (e.g. the distinction
> between the language - which is topical here - and implementations
> thereof - which aren't) in a way that some of our more bone-headed
> trolls will admit to understanding (in fact, I don't know that it's
> ever been achieved). If they can't understand something as simple
> as that, what price the eternal verities?

Credit where credit is due, Mr. Heathfield.

If you can keep your future insults of me as eloquent as that, I'll
have some grudging respect for you.

Han from China

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