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Re: Text loading question Dec. 10, 2008

C A Upsdell
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E.D.G. wrote:
> Posted by E.D.G. December 10, 2008
> Is there an html command that can be used to get text in some file to
> automatically load into an html document in the same way that a picture
> file can be loaded with the <IMG SRC="URL"> command?
> Checking Web sites regarding presently available html commands it does
> not appear that such a text merging command exists. And it is
> surprising to me that this is the case.
> The goal is to have the same text appear within more than one html file
> just as the same picture file can appear in more than one file. Then
> when changes are needed in that text they can be made once in the
> original file. And when any of files containing a link to that text is
> displayed with a Web browser the text will automatically display in the
> correct location in that file.

I have managed this with the OBJECT tag, but there are limitations and
side-effects which you may not like. Try it and see if it is right for you.

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