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Slow page loads, possible security issue?

Scott F. Brown
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Hello all,

I am attempting to work on a project for work at home and I'm experiencing
extremely slow page loads. These are pages that work fine in the office but
when I try to work on the project at home on my laptop, the pages take
upwards of 100+ seconds to load. I will try to give all the pertinent info
below. I think it is probably a security issue which is why I am cross

My laptop is acting as my web server. I am using DSL to access the
corporate network thru VPN. The site uses Windows auth, no anonymous
authentication is allowed. The problem occurs between the
PreRequestHandlerExecute and the PostRequestHandlerExecute. Like I said, a
delay of at least 100 seconds. I am thinking that maybe it attempts to
authenticate using one method to the corporate network and times out, then
goes to another method and succeeds. Here is some more info... using 1.0
framework. XP Pro, IE6.0. Once again, the only reason it is going back to
the corporate network is to authenticate.

When I run this on my desktop(with the desktop acting as the webserver) at
work, it has absolutely no problems. The only major difference between what
I have in the office, and what I have at home is going through VPN.

Anyone able to help me with this? I am the first to admit that security
is one of my weaker areas so any help would be greatly appreciated. If you
need more info, let me know...


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Answering my own post here....

        The problem was a call to IsInRole.  The code checks the local machine to see if the authorized user is a member of a particular users group.  That group was not on the local box and it seems like rather than causing an exception, it just timed out.  There may also be a problem with connecting to the RPC server that I'm not going to worry about at this time.  So, what I did to get around the problem was to put in precompiler #if/else  to return true on the security check if in debug mode.  For my situation, this is an acceptable work around to get me back up and running.
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