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Re: A (simple) XPath Question.

Martin Honnen
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Bubba wrote:

> <ItemInformation xmlns="">
> <ItemDetails>
> <Title>This is the item title</Title>
> <State>This is the item state</State>
> <ItemCost ... />
> <ItemCost ... />
> <ReOrder>
> <MinLevel>25000</MinLevel>
> <MaxLevel ... />
> </ReOrder>
> </ItemDetails>
> </ItemInformation>
> The ItemInfo.xsd file does not exist. But how do I extract the Title
> element using XPath from this file? I've tried all manner of syntax but
> never get any results, can anyone help here please.

With the namespace declaration (xmlns="")
in the XML document the ItemInformation element and its descendants are
in the namespace For XPath 1.0 to
select elements in a namespace you need to bind a prefix to the
namespace URI and use that prefix in the XPath expression to qualify
element names e.g.
where the prefix pf is bound to the namespace URI
How you bind a prefix to a namespace URI depends on the XPath API or
XPath host language (e.g. XSLT) you use. See for
some examples.


Martin Honnen
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