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Mapping Problem

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Hello All,
I have a substitute block in my design where 128 bit data is replaced by other 128 bit data. I have implemented a simple look up table with case statement to just assign output to the new value to be substituted. When I implement the design alone, the MAP process is assigning the block to 4 256 * 8 bit ROMs and both behavioral and place and route simulation are working fine. But when I implement the same design in a project where I have instantiated the substitute block, the MAP process is assigning the same to BLOCK RAM of 256 * 8 which has clock input (I did not send the clock to this module at all) and enable input. It is taking the enable pin from some other module which is no way in connection with this block.
Can I somehow say MAPPER that to assign this block to ROMs instead of RAMs? or any other solution? I am using XILINX 10.1.3 and device family is XC3S1500-4FG456.
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Good luck with this question. Even I don't understand what you are doing and I'm an MSEE. How about some more background on the tools you are using? Do you have some links?
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