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Re: 2 HD different OS

Old Gringo
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On Or About This Date In History philo Stumbled Over To The Keyboard
And Pecked Out The Following::
> "Old Gringo" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:l9iZk.10121$(E-Mail Removed)...
>> I have 2 hard drives one with XP Home and one with XP Pro, each on a
>> different computer. Both computers are compatible with each other.
>> The computer with XP Home on it crapped out on me so now I would like
>> to add the Hard Drive with XP Home on it to the computer with XP Pro
>> on it and be able to use either one of the OS. All help will be
>> appreciated, and I will be back to thank you. If you need more info
>> let me know. XP Home is on a WD, and XP Pro is on a Maxtor.

> First off, if you put the XP-home drive in place of the XP-pro drive...
> unless the hardware is close to identical...the system is unlikely to boot.

The hard drives are not identical, one is a Maxtor, the other a WD
But they both work in the XP Pro machine. However the XP Pro hard
drive has a problem which I am waiting for HP to send me a recovery
disk. I have the wd HD in with XP Home running to connect to the
Internet at present.
> If the operating system is not an OEM,
> it might be fixable with a repair install...

> However, even if you got that sorted out,the over-simplified explanation is
> you would not be able to connect it as a slave (or on an other channel)
> as the boot path would not be the same.
> If you wanted to install a removable drive kit,
> you could use one drive *or* the other.
> Otherwise:
> What you can do connect the drive as a slave
> and at least retrieve the data from it...
> and leave it in place for additional storage

Best idea and will go with that.

Thank You

Old Gringo
Just West Of Nowhere
Enjoy Life And Live It To Its Fullest
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