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synthesizable divide operation in VHDL

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Using VHDL coding, I have designed a counter to count our pulses and now
I want to convert the count value into a value and display it in
the seven segment LED display. For that I have to divide the count value
by 214 (integer number). But divide operator"/" is not synthesizable. If i
design a divider circuit, I could not get quotient with decimal values
because without decimal digits I lose accuracy.

I have also tried division through multiplication. I found 1/214 = 0.00467
and multiplied this value with the count value but the multiplication
operator " * " seems to work only with either two integer values or two
real values.

How could I convert my count value which is in STD_LOGIC_VECTOR to a real
value? I converted the count to integer using conv_integer(unsigned(count
value)).I am using XILINX8.1i version.

If I divided the count value with 214, I would convert the decimal result
to a BCD and display it in Seven segment display.

Is there any way to divide the count or convert the std_logic_vector to a
real value?
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