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Re: volatile Keyword Question

Tim Rentsch
Posts: n/a
      12-23-2008 Removed) writes:

> Tim Rentsch <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> >
> > (E-Mail Removed) writes:
> > >
> > > No, 6.7.3p6 was intended to be a gaping loophole. In particular, an
> > > implementation that has no desire to support any kind of concurrency is
> > > free to completely ignore volatile.

> >
> > Beyond the single posting quoted above, I've found no confirming
> > evidence that supports the stated assertion;

> I was there for the committee discussions. Furthermore, one of the
> major objections to Clive Feather's formal model for sequence points was
> that it somewhat more fully defined volatile accesses and a number of
> committee members were adamantly opposed to doing that.

I understand that it's your opinion of what happened. My point is
that until there is some sort of supporting statement somewhere in
some official ISO document I don't see any reason for anyone to take
it as a statement of what the Standard actually expresses. If a C1X
draft appeared with even a footnote along these lines, I'd be more
than happy to take the footnote as gospel. Absent such any official
confirmation, however, I think the standard should be judged based on
whatever text the official documents actually contain. If no official
text can be pointed to that supports the expressed opinion, it seems
wrong to give it any official weight.
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