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linking to page absolute location

Jukka K. Korpela
Posts: n/a
cwdjrxyz wrote:

> I can see one possible way. You would have to locate a position on the
> page where a certain word or group of words appears that will serve as
> your target. Then, using server side PHP,

Well, maybe PHP, maybe some other server-side technology.

> a header exchange would
> examine the page using regular expressions to locate the word or words
> you choose as the target for the page.

Pardon? Can you show a demo? (That is, give us a URL.) Header exchange
sounds quite irrelevant.

> The page is then made to scroll
> down to where these words first appear.

How? The question was how to do this, and now you include it as an assumed
part of your proposed solution. I guess "petitio principi" is the Latin name
for this type of error in logic.

This sort of thing often is
> done to find the first instance of a word or group of words in a file.
> I have not tried this, so I do not have an example at hand.

That's what I suspected.

What you _can_ actually to is to set up a server-side script that accepts a
URL and something else, like a keyword, and returns a document fetched from
that URL and then postprocessed by adding a destination anchor, or anchors,
at suitable place(s) and some links at the start. Even this way, the
document will not be positioned at a particular location, but there is a
simple link, or links, at the start for the user to utilize.

Google actually does such things, as you can see if you ever look at a link
named "Cached" in Google results. It's not a simple link to a cached
version; instead, it is a link to such a version processed by highlighting
the keyword(s) used as the occur on the page. You could so something
similar, just with the fairly trivial addition of a link that goes to the
first occurrence of a keyword. And you could even turn that occurrence to a
link to the next occurrence, though this requires some extra care to avoid
nested <a> elements (which are not allowed by HTML syntax).


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