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I am trying to delete the anonymous user identifier and profile after
he/she had registered. I tried:

public void Profile_MigrateAnonymous(object sender,
ProfileMigrateEventArgs e) {
ProfileHelper anonymous = ProfileHelper.GetProfile
ProfileHelper profile = ProfileHelper.GetProfile
profile.Visitor = anonymous.Visitor;
AnonymousIdentificationModule.ClearAnonymousIdenti fier();

I am using ASP.NET MVC and this is not firing ...

I also tried to apply the following:

AnonymousIdentificationModule.ClearAnonymousIdenti fier();

On my controller but it says I can only apply this if the user is

My idea to solve this is when a user logins, check if there is an
anonymous id and if yes then delete it ...

Can I do this?

How can I do it?

I am a little bit lost on how to solve this problem ... I have been
trying everything that comes to my mind but no success.


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