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mpls bgp consideration

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hi all

in our lan, we plan to install 2 nokia checkpoint which connect to the
ISP network.
We have offical address, a complete class C, and some addresses are
used by the 2 external firewall interfaces.

in our lan, these 2 nokia checkpoint firewall doesn't share the same
layer 3 segment.
but in the future, if mpls is implemented, they might be.
an idea is to have a common dmz, reachable by the 2 checkpoints.

both firewall will be used for http traffic, load sharing, by the
and both will allow vpn access.
internal routing is eigrp.

one checkpoint is already installed, external range A.B.C.129-254 /
25, with a dmz A.B.C.144/28
the other is to be replaced , it is currently a borderware firewall,
external range with A.B.C.1-126 / 25
with another dmz (and different servers),
in our current borderware configuration, traffic from external to
internal is "natted", means that servers have private address
( /24) and not offical address
basically, it functions by port redirection.

while NAT is said to be more secure, a server cannot be reached from
external except on configured "natted" port.

I thought it would more scalable given the potential mpls
implemntation, and "dmz consolidation", to give these servers offical
addresses. and not to uses NAT
(i know that checkpoint provide natting functions),

my question is, according to you all, are there any bgp, mpls, or ISP
related features i should consider in my choice.
I dont know much about that, but i think to give offical address are
more appropriate.

thanks for your consideration


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If you have links from two ISPs, inbound/outbound traffic need to be considered due to one of firewall function which is stateful inspection. If you messed up with inbound and outbound traffic you internal folks will blaming you.
Not too worry about MPLS. Most of ISP are using MPLS in common.
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