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security-constraint on servlet-mapping

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i wanted to prevent users from calling my servlets directly and wrote
a controller servlet which takes a request parameter and redirects to
the other servlets by means of a RequestDispatcher
I put the servlet mappings for the servlets inside a <security-
constraint> block .


and the controller servlet is invoked by any url

In the Controller i used

RequestDispatcher dispatcher = null;
String param = request.getParameter("go");
if (param == null)
throw new ServletException("Missing parameter in Controller.");
else if (param.equals("weather"))
dispatcher = request.getRequestDispatcher("/weather");
else if (param.equals("maps"))
dispatcher = request.getRequestDispatcher("/maps");
if (dispatcher != null)

When i call http://localhost:8080/myapp/?go=weather it causes

The program works if i don't use the
<security-constraint> </security-constraint> block around the mapping
for the two servlets.But then anyone can call them by
http://localhost:8080/myapp/weather or http://localhost:8080/myapp/maps
can someone explain why i am getting this error?
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