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J2ME LocationProvider hanging

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Hi. I'm writing a mobile application in j2me, however on one certain
phone (Sanyo Pro-200), the call to LocationProvider.getInstance is
hanging and not returning a LocationProvider instance. It works on the
Pro-200 emulator (among others), and we've tested it on other physical
phones (A few recent blackberry models and Motorola i670).

I don't know whether or not the phone can get the LocationProvider (as
far as I know this doesn't actually use the GPS connectivity), but I'd
expect it to throw an exception or something (which it does on other

Any help or insight would be appreciated, thanks. Could sample at
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Hmm, an update, it seems that it might be the getState() method, as a
debug message right after LocationProvider.getInstance() shows:

I've removed the getState calls and we're testing again.
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