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How to realize user interfereing like CS program?

Lei Guangfu
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In Client Server model, we can get user option to decide
which code will be executed.

For example:

Dim IsRecordExist As Boolean
If IsRecordExist Then
If MessageBox.Show("The relevant record
already exists in the database. Do you want to overwrite
it?", "Overwrite?", MessageBoxButtons.OKCancel,
MessageBoxIcon.Question, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button2,
MessageBoxOptions.RightAlign) = DialogResult.Cancel Then
Exit Sub
End If
End If
...... Continue

'End of Sample--------------------------------

in web-based program, How can I reach the same purpoose?

Anyone can give me some help?

Thanks in advance.

Lei Guangfu

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Natty Gur
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Create new webform with the look and feel of messageBox. Use
window.ReturnValue to return value match client selection.

From every webform that yopu want use client side script to use
showModalDialog (vReturnValue = window.showModalDialog(sURL [,
vArguments] [, sFeatures]))
to call your messagebox webpage. You can query vReturnValue to check the
value returned by messagebox.

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