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Re: F2PY: Access Fortran module data from multiple python module

Gabriel Genellina
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En Wed, 19 Nov 2008 20:06:37 -0200, Yann Vonder
<(E-Mail Removed)> escribió:

> Here is a description of what I am trying to implement using F2PY:
> I have created two python extension modules using F2PY. The first
> extension
> module (say contains a Fortran module (say "tmod") and a
> subroutine (say "subr1") that modifies the data contained in "tmod". The
> second extension module ( contains the same Fortran module as
> (tmod), and a different subroutine ("subr2") that also modifies
> the data contained in "tmod". I am hoping to be able to have
> and
> share the content of "tmod," in a way that if a call is made,
> from
> python, to "subr1", followed by a call to "subr2", both subroutine access
> the same data contained in "tmod". Unfortunately, if I run the Python

If you put tmod in both libraries, you'll have two copies of it, and two
copies of the data. Can't you join both libraries onto a single one? Or
make one load the other? Or avoid global variables, and pass the required
data to the subroutines? Either way, this is a design problem that you'll
have to solve on the Fortran side, not in Python.

Gabriel Genellina

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