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Re: Mr. President-elect: submit YOUR questionaire answers to the American people NOW!

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"HEMI-Powered" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in

> In case you haven't heard, president-elect Obama is requiring all
> prospective appointees and employees for his administration to
> answer a VERY comprehensive questionaire of multiple questions and
> many pages. His reason is ostensibly to fulfill his promise to
> clean up Washington by getting rid of bad people.
> OK, I like that.
> The president-elect says that to do this, he must have FULL
> knowledge of any and ALL things that a prospective employee AND
> their spouse have EVER said or done that might be a conflict of
> interest or an embarrassment to the United States of America or
> him.
> Again, I like that.
> Further, the president-elect wants full disclosure of ALL past
> friendships and associations that might be an embarrassment or pose
> a conflict of interest. And, he wants to see any and all possible
> bad pictures from their PCs. Further yet, he NOW wants ALL E-mails
> to be audited and certified to be Okey, Dokey. AND, he has just
> added written or computer diaries to be disclosed.
> One more time, sounds like a fine idea to me.
> So, Mr. President-elect, please show YOUR confidence in yourself to
> the American people who elected you. Provide FULL disclosure and
> ALL answers to YOUR questionaire including those people you've
> known since your childhood and those that the future First Lady
> knows now or previously did. You know the names, but if you've
> forgotten, I'd be only to happy to refresh your memory.

He's not *applying* for the job, he's already got it. Unlike the others.
You can't change the rules of employment after you hire someone - at least
if you want to not be poor.

(setq (chuck nil) car(chuck) )
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