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Re: Do Universities Throttle Usenet Ports?

wisdomkiller & pain
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Ron wrote:

> Hello All
> I am new to Usenet and am really enjoying it. I am currently at
> college. We have a great internet connection, which is one of the
> reasons I decided to try Usenet out. I am currently using PowerUsenet
> with the non-ssl plan.
> I am only getting download speeds of about 230KB/s . I know that with

What is it you are (ab)using usenet for?
Usenet was never intended for downloading binaries - bittorrent is what
you'd rather want. BUT bittorrent is private joy, no juice across corporate
or uni proxies.

> my connection i should be able to get at least 600KB/s. I have tried

You do not want to clog your college internet connection with leeching
binaries and warez. At least, you don't want anyone else do it. In
particular when anyone equals to everyone at the college facility.

> Also I was wondering if using SSL would help my speed. My thinking for
> this is that they may not be able to tell that I am using Usenet?

Ports are well known, and bandwidth will be limited or sent to a low
priority queue.

> -PS Is there anyway to find out if they are throttling my speed?

Ask the admin
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