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too few template-parameter-lists

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#include <iostream>

#include <boost/mpl/vector.hpp>
#include <boost/mpl/find.hpp>

using namespace std ;
using namespace boost ;

template <typename numericTypes>
struct evalThis
void operator()()
typedef mpl::find<numericTypes, char>::type iter ; //
ERROR : error: too few template-parameter-lists
} ;

int main()
typedef mpl::vector<int, float, char, double, long>
myNumericTypes ;

evalThis<myNumericTypes> myObj ;
myObj.operator()() ;

return 0 ;
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On Nov 18, 1:13 pm, Kaushal <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> // ERROR : error: too few template-parameter-lists
> typedef mpl::find<numericTypes, char>::type iter;

It's just another C++ wart: the problem is that
mpl::find<numericTypes, char>::type could be a value
or a type, depending on the template arguments.
The language assumes it's a value, so what you've
got there would be like saying:

struct Person { string name; };
typedef Person::name iter;

where name is obviously a value and not a type.

The solution is to explicitly tell the compiler that it's
a type with "typename":

typedef typename mpl::find<numericTypes, char>::type iter ;

You can read more about the issue here:


PS: the previous post asking how the hell mpl::find is defined is
this newsgroup's surprising vernacular for telling you that your
post is off-topic. You might have a friendlier reception
on a Boost mailing list.
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