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Bit-Tech have a review of the DFI LANParty UT X58 T3EH8 motherboard, something that overclockers are going to like:

Finally, the BIOS. We've not got much information on this yet but we do know it features DFI's latest "Genie BIOS Extreme Edition" (all it needs is "super special, lightening fast and ultra reliable/durable" and we can play marketing buzzword bingo) that claims over one hundred BIOS options for overclockers and for the sake of my sanity having to review it, I hope it comes with a comprehensive manual or they are well labelled. Beginners fear not though, because the LANParty Auto Boost System is there to satisfy the needs of tweaking newbies.

It even allows sharing of BIOS settings and DFI is clever to further use its strong, very loyal overclocking community that likes to just be given a load of options and told to get on with it. They are the kind of kids that got the box of Lego Technic or Mechano and threw out the manual. By allowing "global [overclocking] veterens" to decipher what works best it not only generates more interest in a product but also means 10/20/50/200 people are tuning your board rather than just a BIOS team (... or Oskar).
Read the review here.
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