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Configuration Manager 1.6 release announcement - Open Source, Java

Henry n
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Configuration Manager 1.6 release announcement - Open Source, Java

Configuration Management is a common problem. It is especially a
problem for customer-facing web applications that are developed in
house. Since they are customer facing, you want to limit restarts of
you application server for best user experience or to fulfill any
service agreement the company might have. So you want your application
to run for a long time without being restarted, yet the run time
system assumptions do change. The company runs a promotion, and herds
of users flock to your site. Your thread pools and connection pools
start running low, since they were not configured for such load. Your
logging start to fill up the hard drive and you would like to start
logging to a different device. The service you are using to find
information up has temporarily moved to an affiliate web site. You
want to run batch task a bit more often for a few days, until the
operations go back to normal. In all of the cases above, you would
like to change the configuration without restarting your application.
What that means is that you would like to have a configuration
management system that supports configuration files reloading.
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Henry n
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I've just released Configuration Manager 1.7
The 1.7 version adds support for different configuration values for
different environments: development, QA, production. It also adds a
couple of tutorials on how to use configuration manager.

Configuration manager is disributed under widely accepted Open Source
Apache 2 license.
Please check it out at

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