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Re: Have css not cascade?

Jukka K. Korpela
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Spud wrote:

> Is it possible to get a style to apply only to a parent element, and
> not its children?

Yes. But why does your Subject line ask a completely different question, and
one that asks for something logically impossible (Cascading Style Sheets
without cascade)?

Beware that any CSS-related question containing the word "cascade" or
"inherit" in some form contains at least one fundamental misconception.

> Example:


> <ul>
> <li style="open">one

Why not post at least real code?

If "open" stands for some style sheet, then it all depends on what it
contains. Hence my request for a URL or at least real code. Some properties
are inherited under some conditions, some are not.

> I'd like to toggle the style of parent <li> or <ul> tags without
> affecting the children.

Toggle? Tags? You sound confused, as expected.

> Unfortunately, the style cascades down the tree.

Unfortunately, it seems that you have to start learning what CSS is.

> I have the same problem with event handlers.

That's something completely different.


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